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Chouriço & Linguiça

Quality Ingredients

We specialize in Chouriço and Linguiça. We make it on site, using our original family recipe of quality spices and freshly cut, never ground, pork. It is then wood smoked in our very own smoke house.

The story of Chaves Market begins with a young man who had a vision, a vision to transform the experience of the Portuguese immigrant in America. Through his creation of a single storefront, Manuel Chaves would succeed in helping to rewrite the narrative of Portuguese immigrants in Fall River from a story of homesickness and hardship to one that demonstrated cultural acceptance, economic success, and the preservation of the traditions of the old world. 


Browse our wide assortment of Portuguese foods, from hand-made chouriço and linguiça to imported specialty items and locally baked goods. 


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"Chaves Market a standout on Columbia Street"

— Herald News


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